Subscribing to SAP BusinessObjects Notifications

Recently a new Knowledge Base article was published on the SAP Service Marketplace. Actually many useful new Business Objects KBs have been published, but this one has broad appeal. KB 1553034 (link) describes the process by which we can subscribe to what they call SAP BusinessObjects Notifications. This service allows “customers to be notified when service packs (support packages) and fix packs (patches) are released for SAP BusinessObjects products.”

NOTE on SAP SERVICE MARKETPLACE: To be able to read SAP Knowledge Base articles you need to have an account on the SAP Service Marketplace. In order to have such an account you need to access and have a valid “Customer or Installation Number”.

The KB goes on to describe the steps for the product updates subscription as follows:

1) Log into the SAP Service Marketplace
2) Click Help & Support.
3) Click Search for SAP Notes.
4) Click SAP BusinessObjects Notifications on the left navigation pane. Alternately, use quick link The my SAP BusinessObjects Notifications page will be presented.
5) You must define filter(s) for the product(s) you wish to receive notifications for. Click Create Filter.
6) Enter a filter name (for example, Product Updates) and choose the product(s) to be included in the filter. (Only purchased products and directories with valid maintenance will be listed.)
> If your products use directories (reference data) include those in the filter as well.
7) Click Save Filter.

In addition to this setting you must also subscribe to the “SAP Support Portal Newsletter” in order to receive the “SAP BusinessObjects Notifications” by email. However, you may monitor your notifications directly on the SAP Service Marketplace if you so desire. More specifics are located in the KB 1553034 article).

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