Introducing CMSPro – a new CMS query & analysis app.

CMSPro is a metadata exploration and analysis tool for Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.  The application simplifies the process of querying the CMS by helping to formulate any type of repository query, and displaying the results in an easy to read, customizable table layout.  It also offers a new field which consolidates the most important data about various objects types, into one column.

CMSPro query design page

CMSPro allows viewing, dynamic drilling, and exporting of the Business Objects CMS repository data in a quick and easy format, entirely via web browser. It is a powerful combination of ease-of-use and flexibility, which will save any administrator much time and effort in getting the information they need.

CMSPro Results page

This application is designed to be intuitive and quick to use.  It is also simple to deploy on any Tomcat version 5.5 or 6, either on a server or PC. These are just a few of the things you can accomplish easily with CMSPro:
•  Quickly find any object & system metadata
•  Perform impact analysis for system & object changes
•  Document your environments regularly (support Audits)
•  Quickly find anything created/changed recently
•  Drill into object relationships such as Universe: Webi docs or Connection:Universes
•  Navigate object hierarchies and view metadata
•  Navigate User / Group relationships
•  Find large files and documents which may be causing performance or capacity problems
•  Assist in system cleanups by finding dependents, empty folders, inactive users etc.
•  Take a system snapshot for analysis of performance issues
•  Find internal problems such as unbound WebI docs

To learn more about a few of the many features, there are three options offered for you:

  • Watch a short 10 minute WebEx recording which shows basic tasks that can be accomplished just send an email request to
  • Get the PowerPoint product overview by requesting at
  • Learn the full technical details or talk to the technical staff concerning the product and pricing, email

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5 thoughts on “Introducing CMSPro – a new CMS query & analysis app.

  1. Alex,

    The current version can show you all Roles assigned to a Principal for the objects, that includes all of the predefined roles, the Advanced role, and Custom Roles by name. Therefore if you know whether a role allows Edit SQL then you have what you need.

    You can also drill into any Role on an object, which will show you the Rights on Object Property Bag and its listing of all rights, which uses the Right ID (not name). So if you already know the Right ID or can look it up, you can get specific rights info that way.

    It’s possible that the next version could include rights-level security directly on the first results page… we would need to test to see if it’s feasible based on screen real estate and performance.

    Hope this answers your question, thanks for asking!

  2. Alex,

    I’ve looked into this, and it is possible to provide a custom version which can look up the Granted Rights for each role on each result object.

    If you’d like to get more details please ask or email

  3. I don’t have this pro version How can I install it ? where can I found it?

  4. Hi Passi, “CMSPro” is a third party software solution that must be purchased separately from BusinessObjects. If you have purchased this tool and/or have questions about it I suggest you send an email to

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