BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R2, XI 3, and BI 4 Tips

Working with BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R2, XI 3.x, and BI 4.x can be quite challenging. From matching unlimited reporting requirements with limited reporting functionality to maintaining CUID parity across multiple environments. Many of us have been there and we have the scars to prove it. Hopefully through sharing our Business Objects XI tips and tricks we can help spare you some additional battle scars and most importantly save you some time.

The Value of Tips and Tricks

Many an experienced Business Objects developer can tell you that there are already at least two well established Business Objects forums on the Internet. These provide a great forum for asking, answering, and discussing Business Objects questions. However, do Web Intelligence report developers, universe designers, and system administrators only need assistance when they have a question? Often times, such as in a structured curriculum, there is much value in instruction. We don’t call ourselves educators or even trainers, but we do feel that we can provide great value through sharing our best Business Objects tips and tricks. One of our goals is to answer business objects questions before our readers even know they have them.

Business Objects User Guides and Administrator Guides

Another way in which we feel we can bring value to Business Objects Tips visitors is through providing detailed and truly insightful guides for the Business Objects Developer, Business Objects Designer, and BusinessObjects Enterprise Administrator. Visitors will find that these guides will be very focused on Business Objects topics that are not well covered in available Business Objects documentation and the various other Internet resources. Topics will range from “The Complete Guide to Query Builder” to “Business Objects Architecture Guide of Life Cycle Management”. Through these guides we hope to focus our readers on detecting and preventing problems by providing a good handle on Business Objects architecture design and administration tools.