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Yes, has finally entered the realm of social media; we have a fan page on Facebook. Since the page was created just today there is nothing more than an announcement of our Facebook birth, but in the future fans can benefit by receiving updates about site news (including major Business Objects news), newly published articles, and product guide updates. So go ahead and “like” us on Facebook.

To make this a little interesting, the first fan to “like” us and leave a comment on this little article will receive a free guide from our published Business Objects guide.

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4 thoughts on “Become a Facebook Fan of BusinessObjectsTips

  1. Hi,
    Can you please tell what difference there will be between the content (articles, blogs) here and on the Facebook page?


  2. Hi Marek, you ask an excellent question. I have no intentions to publish articles on Facebook; not only is Facebook restrictive in formatting but Facebook content would not receive the same search engine priority that our site’s articles achieve. Therefore, I will avoid any technical discussion on Facebook as its visibility will be hindered.

    Facebook content will be reserved for news announcements, special promotions, and announcements of new or updated content at At this moment, I envision the Facebook fan page as functioning as an interactive news feed for However, I am open to suggestions for other uses that would maximize the visibility of our collective content creation efforts.

  3. Facebook can be used as a platform for us BI professionals to communicate with one another, ask general questions, rant about the latest version of a product and such.
    And things we bring up on facebook could serve as inspiration for future blog posts.

  4. Hi Ethan, thank you for your visionary feedback. Great ideas! Honestly, has purposely avoided getting into the “forum” arena because the BOB forum already does this so well. We saw no value to add there. However, on Facebook, together we might be able to build a useful resource (add value) just as I think we have done with’s articles and blog.

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