Clearing Previously Used Folders from Designer’s Import/Export Dialog

Occasionally we receive emails sharing Business Objects tips and tricks with us. These are our favorite kinds of emails, OK, second favorite, just below guide purchase inquiries. Today I received a great tip from a friend that goes by the name “dopple“. I liked the tip and dopple was kind enough to agree to publish it here so that it may be enjoyed by all. Thanks dopple!

Clearing Previously Used Folders from Designer’s Import/Export Dialog

“I’m not sure if this is an issue in later versions of BO Designer as my work is stuck with BO XI R2 until later this year. The list of previously used folders in Designer’s import and export dialog doesn’t seem to update apart from the last folder in the list. This is quite annoying as it fills up with folders you were using when you first had BOXI installed but after a year or so, these become obsolete, so I managed to identify the registry keys that control these lists.”
— dopple

For more details read dopple’s post here: link to discussion at BOB Forum

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