Windows 7 is not the Answer to BOXI R2’s Prayers

I am not one to spread rumors, but I thought I might pass this little one along to see if anyone has any experience that could confirm it. Anyway, my little rumor is…

Initial tests running the Business Objects XI R2 (BOXI R2 or XIR2) web client through Internet Explorer 8 have failed miserably. Reports are that it is unusable. Unfortunately, my sources haven’t told me whether this applies to InfoView, WebI Report Reader, or Web Intelligence Java Report Panel.

If you have any experience with Windows 7 and Business Objects, please leave a comment. The more information we have the better.

Be Prepared – Windows 7 is Just Around the Corner

IF this is true, then BO administrators need to know as soon as possible. Microsoft has already put Windows 7 in release candidate status (link) and so we can assume that it could release as early as October or November 2009 and shipping simultaneously on new PCs.

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55 thoughts on “Windows 7 is not the Answer to BOXI R2’s Prayers

  1. Hi, I had tried to install Business Objects XI R1 on Windows 7.0 evaluation version; SQL server 2005 developer edition. CMS is not getting installed, and after the successful installation of Business Objects. I can not log in CMS; so CMS setup is not geting completed and also I can not use the Business Objects.

  2. Hi, after struggling with Vista for a year I finally migrated to Windows 7.
    Windows 7 with IE8 is not the answer for BOXI 3.0 either.
    CMC runs fine but when I login to InfoView and try to open Document list IE just dies – all opened session are hanging up and I have to stop IE from Task Manager.
    Last week, straight after fresh Windows 7 install it was fine but after applying more than 30 Windows patches it stopped working.

  3. Hi,

    @ Tau

    Its the same for me too, I tried installing BOXI R2 on win 7,several times, with diff settings, but no luck.


  4. Hi,

    I tried to install BO XI r2 in windows 7. It is installing fine, at the time of intallation it is showing like unable to start the servers.
    After installation i tried to start the servers manually, then it is showing like ‘some dependencies are marked for deletion’

    Sekhar Gandham

  5. Just to be sure I understand, you installed BO XI R2 server components on a Windows 7 operating system? I am not sure anyone has reported on this yet. I can’t really advise you except to say that if you need to run it on that machine you might consider creating a virtual server. I use Sun’s xVM Virtual Box. Once setup you can install any OS to it. I have used BOE server on a Red Hat EL5 and Windows 2003 Virtual Machine with success.

  6. Hi Sekhar,

    I have successfully installed BOXI r2 on windows 7. U need to delete a few dependent service in the registry. Get in touch with me, will let you know more.

    Thanks and Regards,

  7. Hi Aparna,

    It is nice to hear from you. Can you please let me know what and all services to be deleted and how to do it. It would be very helpful to me.

    Thanks for your help in advance

    Thanks & Regards
    Sekhar Gandham

  8. On windows 7, you need to delete the dependent services for each service in the services.msc, follow these steps.
    open run–> services.msc–> select each bo service and go to propeties and go to dependencies, you will see one of the service in red color, delete that. email me if you need anything.

  9. Hello,
    Our company provides a wrapper around the normal BO installer..this is BOXI R2 SP4. I’ve tried with our installer as well as the BO installer and keep getting a video card exception that prevents the installer from completing. I’ve googled this and not much on it…I’ve tried to change display with no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Hi Dusty, I can imagine your frustration. Please provide more details about what you are installing (client tools?) and to which OS. Also, I suggest starting a new topic on the BOB forum in the appropriate place. I have never seen this error, but chances are one of our readers or one of BOB’s readers has.

  11. Hi,

    Can any one help me how to install BO’s software and oracle 10g in windows7.


  12. Hi
    Id like to know if BO XI work with windows 7 and active directory?
    I am try make logon with active directory and it isnt work.


  13. For BO installation on Widnows 7
    1) BO can be installed, but CMS will not get created in the first hand. Since there is issue with ODBC DLL for SQL server(MSDE which comes with BO setup) which is already in Windows folder(ssystem32) and the required DLL for BO to create CMS setup.
    2) What can be done is; install Oracle Express edition Or 10G whichever is convenient.
    (Windows 7 will not be a final production environment)
    3) Go to CMS –> Recreate the CMS; while recreating select ORACLE as Database, give the required connection parameters. CMS will be created with default setting of BO.
    4) Logon on Business Object and start using it..

    SQL Server MSDE edition:-
    This may work after installing the required update from Microsoft. But, this may take some days. Actually this is what I did and found that easier solution will be to change the database itself.:-)

  14. Hi Harshal,

    Thanks for the detailed pointers!

    I feel I should point out a few supportability issues:
    a) For Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 Business Objects Enterprise is only supported with the full install of BO XI Enterprise 3.1 Service Pack 3 (or later full installs to be released in the future).
    b) Oracle middleware/client software that is supported on Windows 7 is quite limited, Oracle database software supported on Windows 7 is even more limited to a few versions.
    c) If I were planning to run BOE on Oracle Express then I would seriously consider just using mySQL.

  15. I would like to add one more point:-
    Disable the UAC (User Account/Access Control) on WIndows 7 while installing BO on WIndows 7. This will ensure that all the files are getting correctly installed on WIndows 7.

  16. Hi All,
    Can any one tell me that if i have windows7 premimum 32 bit pin operating system and i want to install BO XI R2 service pack 1 then it will run or not with Oracle Database 10G.

  17. Hi AJEET, BO is not supported on Windows 7 until BO XI 3.1 SP 3 (full install only). Also, Oracle only supports Oracle client patch on Windows 7 and only Oracle database 11.2.x on Windows 7.

    Support aside, I cannot tell you if XI R2 will just work on Windows 7. Perhaps someone else can. I imagine though that WebI would probably run OK. Can’t speak for Designer or Desktop Intelligence.

  18. Windows 7 with IE8 is not the working for BOXI 3.1.
    When I login to InfoView and try to open Document list IE just dies – all opened session are hanging up and I have to stop IE from Task Manager.Samething when i close a report in edit mode. Any solution for this.It used to work fine earlier suddenly got this issue.

  19. Hi divya, are you certain that you are running IE8 in “compatibility mode”? Which version if BO XI 3.1? What kind of report are you opening?

    Internet Explorer 8 requires at least Service Pack 2 and is only supported in “compatibility mode”.

    Desktop Intelligence reports opened in the DeskI tool would require the SP3 full install (according to BO).

  20. Hi Aparna,

    Could you please help me in installing BO XI R2 in Windows 7.


  21. Hi Aparna,

    During the installation BO XI R2 in windows 7, the services are not starting automatically.
    Then i tried to start the services manually, but i am getting errors like “Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion.”
    I dont know what to do…
    Please help me in this regard !


  22. XIR2 is not supported on Windows 7, so good luck getting it to work and finding any support. XI 3.1 SP3 Full Install is the first version of Business Object Enterprise that is supported on Windows 7.

  23. I have been trying to re-install BOXI R2 on my Windows 7 hard drive with IE8 and Oracle client 11g. I continually get an error message when I try to run it:
    CEBORepoProxyManager::GetPreviousRepoAccessInfo:Unexpected error
    After clicking OK, I get
    Internal problem

    Any ideas?

  24. Try deleting your personal profile on your PC and having your admin rebuild it. Then try to install the software.

  25. We are having issus with IE * on XP as well as Windows7. It is IE8 in general. Infoview will not run. The only work around that we have found thus far is to install the Webi client. I hope there is another answer! Oh and we are running XI3.1.

  26. Hi Tanderson, They say that 3.1 SP3 works with IE 8 in compatibility mode/view. Try it and let us know. I have heard users report that it works. IE 9 definitely does not work for XI 3.1.

  27. We found that the version of BO as we are running BOXI3.1 no SP and the IE8 is the real issue. If you have SP2 or SP3 for IE8 and run in compatibility mode it works fine. I am now looking for the SP from BOXI3.1 that might fix the issue with IE8. If you still have to run in compatibility mode even with BOXI SP3 then I am not so sure it is worth the effort to upgrade at this time. I want to be able to run BO and IE8 without the worry of compatability mode. SInce some have said you can lose functionality unless you go to IE8 SP3 that’s what we are going to do. I am still researching for a BO fix or SP that will fix the issues.

  28. I have seen users use BO XI 3.1 SP3 with IE 8 without enabling compatibility mode. They say it works fine. IE9 however, does not work at all.

  29. That is the answer I am looking for, however I cannot find it on BO site anywhere! Thanks for the information. Have you heard of any issues with Office 10? I know there was some limitations with Excel in earlier versions.

  30. Since the export to Excel depends entirely on a server-side component, therefore BusinessObjects has no Office version support requirements. However, the Excel-compatible which is output from BO, should likely be compatible with Office 10 (but I have not tested it).

    BTW, I can tell you that FixPacK 3.4 has a bug that locks all cells and forces them to “Text” in the Excel that it outputs.

  31. Do you know if BO has come out with anything on this IE8 settings? I have not found anything but I am still looking. We now have folks that have IE8 SP3 running in compatibility mode that still have issues. This is getting frustrating. Since we are lagging behind on our IE8 rollout, you would think there would be something documented on the issue.

  32. Hi Tanderson, I just finished reading various Knowledge Base/SAP Notes on the SAP Support Portal for Business Objects and I note the following settings seem to be required:

    1) Browser Mode = IE8 Compatibility View
    2) Document Mode = (not sure, but you might want to play with this)
    3) Zoom Level = 95%
    4) Language Settings = en_US
    5) Don’t like sessions shared between tabs = Run iexplore.exe -noframemerging

    I don’t claim to know where to make all of these settings, nor do I confirm they work. I merely lifted them from published SAP Notes.

    Please Note: Business Objects XI R2 is not supported with Internet Explorer Version 8. Internet Explorer 8.0 is supported only in “Compatibility Mode” with Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3 for BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1.

  33. The command iexplore.exe -noframemergin, if you decide to use it, would have to be every time; however, it is my understanding that the browser would retain the compatibility mode setting for the website and automatically use it one each visit.

  34. All,

    I attempted to do the upgrade last night to BOXI3.1 SP3. I never could get the install to finish. I always errored out for one reason or another. Never the same really. The documentaion for the upgrade makes it sound easy but it definitly is not. The last attempt I thought I had it. It went through all of the steps it was suppose to then at the end it would not register any of the DLL’s that it needs to function. Compatibility mode works in some cases. In other cases it didn’t work. It will run as long as you are logging in with enterprise auethenication but will not work in some case with the AD sync account. As far as I can tell you still have to be running in compatibiity mode to use enterprise as we tried the compatibility mode first to solve the issue. Also if you check the compatibility view in IE8 you will see the server added so it will maintain it. If anyone has any information on installing SP3 for 3.1 I would appreciate any ideas or help.

  35. I have Windows 7 Enterprise, with IE 8 on my BO client machine. I was able to log into Info View, but then after that none of the infoview features worked. I had java 1.6 version on my windows client but that did not help in IE.

    I had Mozilla firfox browser 4.0 installed and infoview just worked beautifully on it.

    I think its something of a compatibilty issue with IE.

  36. See comments above. Has to be run in compatibity mode and SP 2 has to be applied. Or upgrade all to BO XI3.1 SP3.

  37. Our tech staff discovered that Win 7 came with two versions of IE 8; one 32 bit and one 64 bit. The Infoview reports run and print ok on the 32 but not the 64. We are running XIR2 sp4.

  38. Hi Lauri, I was aware of the two version of IR (for Windows 7 64-bit version only) but I am not sure that anyone has highlighted the fact that only the 32-bit version of IE works with BO. THANK YOU!

  39. Will data services 12.x run one windows 7 64 bit? I’ve heard that it will but was wondering if anyone knows this.

  40. Hi Kyle, what is the exact product name you are speaking of. I don’t run “data services”, but I am a dedicated BusinessObjects Enterprise guy. I can tell you that I run BOE 12.3 on Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 2008 R2 operating systems. Both are supported since the Service Pack 3 full install was released. I would expect a 12.3 parity with “data services”, but not sure. The “Supported Platforms” document for the product should remove all doubts.

  41. Has anyone experienced this?
    I am trying to edit a query to add an additional object when I highlight the query and click edit nothing happens. It doesnt open the “objects” window. I can do nothing until I hit escape.
    Any suggestions?

  42. MP, I suggest you confirm the following:
    1) Not running higher than Internet Explorer 8
    2) If using IE8, are using compatibility view
    3) Have browser zoom set to 100% exactly.

  43. Hi Julian,
    To ask repeated points in summary and to re-confirm the understanding:
    1. On Windows-7, the installation of BO XI 3.1 (with SP3 or more) can be done?
    2. On same platform we can also install Oracle 11g R2?
    3. IE 8 or other browser can be used for server management?
    Thank you

  44. Hi Sagar, here are some answers:
    1) Yes.
    2) No, 11.2 is not supported until SP4
    3) IE8 in compatibility view yes. Chrome seems to work too. IE7 works great.

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