Windows 7 is not the Answer to BOXI R2’s Prayers

I am not one to spread rumors, but I thought I might pass this little one along to see if anyone has any experience that could confirm it. Anyway, my little rumor is…

Initial tests running the Business Objects XI R2 (BOXI R2 or XIR2) web client through Internet Explorer 8 have failed miserably. Reports are that it is unusable. Unfortunately, my sources haven’t told me whether this applies to InfoView, WebI Report Reader, or Web Intelligence Java Report Panel.

If you have any experience with Windows 7 and Business Objects, please leave a comment. The more information we have the better.

Be Prepared – Windows 7 is Just Around the Corner

IF this is true, then BO administrators need to know as soon as possible. Microsoft has already put Windows 7 in release candidate status (link) and so we can assume that it could release as early as October or November 2009 and shipping simultaneously on new PCs.

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55 thoughts on “Windows 7 is not the Answer to BOXI R2’s Prayers

  1. Hi,
    Is It poosible to install BO Software in windows vista Enterprise edition?If yes can you please let me know the steps before I go for installation..

    Thanks in Advance..

  2. Hi Siva, sorry I am not going to write down the steps to install the software for you. There are guides for this. Get them, but honestly, it is pretty easy. Yes, I think you can install a BO server on Vista. Not sure, check the PAR/Supported Platforms document. SAP publishes this information freely.

  3. I have problem with windows 7 and BO R2, the reports failed with time out, Somebody can help me ??

  4. Hi Carolina, what version of Internet Explorer are you using. I assume that you are using IE 8 or IE 9. Either way, those are not supported browsers for Business Objects XI R2. You might be able to resolve your issue by (1) making sure IE is set to Compatibility Mode for your InfoView website or (2) using FireFox or even Chrome web browsers. Google Chrome is not supported, but many report that is works for them.

  5. Iam getting cebo repo proxy manager error when ever i tried to open Desktop Intelligence from my machine. Can you please look into it and provide solution
    The excact error is:ceboreporproxymanager::GETPREVIOUSREPOACCESSINFO UNEXPECTED ERROR

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