We Are a Top 25 Site, Check Us Out on xmarks

You probably found this website using a search engine. We try to write our articles so that search engines will index them and rank them well enough for our readers to be able to locate them using search engines. Another smaller source of traffic are social bookmarking tools. I haven’t really spent much time with delicious.com, but I am addicted to xmarks (formerly foxmarks), because it helps me keep my bookmarks in sync across different machines and different browsers, AND it makes them available on the web as well.

Anyway, BusinessObjectsTips.com has been recognized as a Top 25 Site for the phrase “Business Objects”. This is our first and hopefully not our last award. Yeah! What does this mean? Well, I think that it means that some of our Business Objects Tips visitors also use xmarks and they have stored bookmarks to the site. Thanks, who ever you are! We share with you our award for this accomplishment (see below). Please feel free to leave us a review there 🙂 :

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2 thoughts on “We Are a Top 25 Site, Check Us Out on xmarks

  1. I always visited your site and find out really helpful… i myself got encouraged by seeing that your site comes on top 25 site in search term business objects… as result of that i have also started sharing content on business objects 🙂


    this is small start but its good one.

    you are my core inspiration thanks a lot to you guys. 😀

  2. Hi Ane, thanks! I really like your articles. I skimmed them just now, but I plan to re-read them in detail soon. Great stuff. Too bad you couldn’t just be a featured author on our site. 🙂

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