New Feature: Subscribe to Article Comments

I have wanted to add the ability to subscribe to article comments to this web site since the first comment was left nearly 1.5 years ago. Unfortunately, this feature has not yet been built into our underlying Content Management System (WordPress). There was an outdated plug-in, but it was never approved for use with our current up-to-date version.

About one month ago I couldn’t take it anymore and I started experimenting with the out-dated plugin “Subscribe to Comments” and it partially worked (latest version is 2.1.2 at time of writing). I decided that I was going to have to get my hands dirty if I wanted to use it, so I did, and here is the finished product (scroll to the bottom of this page).

Anyway, now you can either leave a comment and simultaneously subscribe to any follow-up comments OR you can just subscribe to receive any new comments without leaving a comment (see the bottom of each article for subscription options). You can also manage your comment subscriptions using the link at the bottom of any subscribed article or in your subscription emails.

I am going to call this a beta release. Please point out any issue that you experience. I make no promises, but this should help us all get more responses and get them more quickly now. We shall see. Please share your experiences or comments right here on this new feature.

BTW, I updated the “Privacy Policy” to reflect the comment subscription functionality.

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