Annoying Tomcat Error: “secLDAP security plugin not available”

Deploying Tomcat with Business Objects is so easy and convenient that I almost always do it on at least one server in every Business Objects Enterprise XI cluster that I build. It is a quick way to get in to CMC, an awesome backdoor, and an excellent debugging tool when you main Java Application Server is not behaving properly.

Tomcat, and all Java web apps built by “wdeploy” has one big problem. For some reason they can give you the following error and really confound the best of us:

An error has occurred: The secLDAP security plugin is not available. Please contact your system administrator for details.

The good news is that this error is usually caused by one outrageous default setting in the web.xml file of the BO XI 3.X InfoViewApp web application (or desktoplaunch for BO XI R2). The setting that continues to amaze me is this one:

siteminder.enabled true

Perhaps someone can enlighten us all and explain the reasoning for deploying all desktoplaunch and InfoViewApp web application with the setting in /WEB-INF/web.xml set to “TRUE” for “siteminder.enabled”. I don’t have anything against SiteMinder, I use it, but I have to wonder why this is a default setting. Perhaps SiteMinder paid for this “feature” as an alternative method of advertising.

The punchline is that with the systems on which I use SiteMinder I actually have to disable SiteMinder here to get it to function as I need it. In some cases this setting may not cause you any trouble, but if you get the dreaded “The secLDAP security plugin is not available” in the future, I hope you will remember this article and check your application’s web.xml file for any enabled trouble makers.

Oh, I almost forgot to state the solution. Set this value to “FALSE”, save, and redeploy the application (or just restart Tomcat).

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One thought on “Annoying Tomcat Error: “secLDAP security plugin not available”

  1. Hi Julian,

    great hint, many thanks!

    I’ve been facing this issue since years, always thinking that it was a browser related issue, as it disappears with clearing the cookies.

    Many thanks for this article!!


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