Learning Business Objects: Where to start?

I was recently asked the following very pertinent question:

“I want to learn the Business Objects reporting tool. Where can I start to learn and gain experience?”
from Orkun K. Yuna

While I try to answer all questions I receive, some are so basic that I don’t really know where to start. This one was asked through leaving a comment on an article that wasn’t really related to the question. This question seems quite important and should have a simple answer, the trouble is that I don’t know the answer beyond pointing Orkun to a training class or a self-paced training manual (like those listed here).

The problem with these suggestions are two-fold. (1) How does the student get their hands on the Business Objects Client Tools (Designer and Desktop Intelligence, which are not licensed)? (2) How can a student get the client tools and some training materials for free?

If anyone has any suggestions please reply to this post. Let’s all help answer Orkun’s excellent question.

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12 thoughts on “Learning Business Objects: Where to start?

  1. I suppose you run into all kinds of licensing issues if you want to learn BOXI off your own back.

    In my personal opinion, SAP should provide a “free to try” download, which allows people to download the software, set up a local installation and develop locally.

    I’m sure they could cripple the software somehow for example by limiting all access to the servers so that only localhost can access them.

    They could also add something into their live software/servers which stops universe and reports built on the “college” installs from working.

    I think you’ve got it covered though.

    Either pay for a training course where you can use the software in a hands on manner, or buy a book, which might give you a good understanding but as we all know, BOXI requires hands on experience.

  2. Hi Dopple, I agree. A free BusinessObjects client would be wonderful. QlikTech provides QlikView Desktop for free as an unlicensed client tool that limits you to what you can share with others, but still lets you experience the power of the tool by yourself. They even provide free online training to get you started. Wake up SAP BusinessObjects, other BI tools out there are doing this part better than you.

  3. Hi,

    I am a beginner in Business Objects.I would like to develop my career in BO admin.It would be great if anyone could provide me training materials/best training centers/software-tutorials.

    Thank You.

  4. Hello Julian,

    I would like to know the different way to performance tune the Business Objects Universe, reports.
    Can you help me in this regards or direct me to any of the posts which already explains this.


  5. Hello Julian,

    We are planning a migration from XI R2 to XI R4. Any plans to start posts on BO4.0?
    I see most of the posts are all about versions earlier to BO 4.0.


  6. Hi Aravind,
    1) The best answer is to get a data model expert to look at your ERD and queries. There is no simple solution.
    2) Yes, I need to start adding new BI 4.x content. I will over the next 6 months. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Julian, one post which I would find useful is tips on how to handle deski content migration/conversion when moving to R4.

    We’re currently migrating to r3 and once that is done we are starting a project to get folk off of deski to make the R4 migration easier. Any advice or tips on that kind of malarky would be extremely useful. 🙂

  8. I want and have wanted to learn Business Objects for some time. I am a data modeler have 2 oracle certs, a ms in SE and am reasonably facile with sql and I’m an accountant with a long background in financial management and reporting. I’m obviously a mid career professional and its been tough. People don’t look at middle aged women for any team these days regardless of recommendations, disposition or skills.

    I need this and I would love to join a team as a junior member to start and continue as I pick it up.

    Any suggestions as to how to start???? I can’t even get my hands on it.

  9. Hi,

    I am a beginner in Business Objects.I would like to develop my career in BO developer to bo admin.It would be great if anyone could provide me training materials/best training centers/software-tutorials.

    Thank You.

  10. Hi my name is keshav i wanted to learn BO Reporting tool.if anybady know any realtime person who will train in there free times like morning or weekends in Bangalore can please let me Know on my con num 90666971901.

  11. Hi, I just to know if I can stall SAP BO to just a regular machine, like core i5, Ram 4gb

    Thanks for the reply.

  12. Yes, it should install, but I don’t think those specifications match the Business Objects minimum level. So Iquitos not expect it to ruin well, unless you are speaking of the client tools, and not the server.

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