Time Saver – Set Preferences for “My Initial View Is…”

Often we find ourselves returning to the same folder within Business Objects’ InfoView. The clicks and waits to get there came be rather annoying and time consuming when they occur repeatedly throughout the day and week. I have a suggestion that can save you some annoyance and time and allow you to focus on your BOXI WebI reports.

Set your Preference for “My Initial View Is…”

If you would like InfoView to take you straight to a certain folder upon successful login you should set your Preference for your initial view to that folder. To do so do the following:

  • log in to InfoView
  • click the “Preferences” button, next to the “Log off” button in the upper right-hand corner, the icon looks like a document with three check boxes
  • on the “General” tab locate the “My initial view is…” setting
  • select the options to set it to your desired folder, use the “Browse” button to navigate and find your desired frequented folder

With your next successful login you will be taken straight to this folder.

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One thought on “Time Saver – Set Preferences for “My Initial View Is…”

  1. Hi,

    I have created a report TODAY and saved it in Infoview in a folder.
    I am scheduling the same report TOMORROW. The Last Run field shows TOMORROW’s date in its field. The same report while importing in Webi Rich Client the Last Run field shows TODAY’s date.
    Why is it so??
    The Last Run field actually what it displays?????
    Please advise…


    Note: I request Jublian to open an article for Webi Rich Client.

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