My Topic Brainstorm

I have been swamped by my obligations, but in teh bak of my head I am working on the following new article topics:

  • Report and Universe Binding: the strong bind between reports and universes that can easily be broken by accident, naivety, and dependence on past workflows
  • OpenDocument: common uses, mistakes, and best practices
  • Flexible Date Prompts: Dynamic and Static dates rolled into one. Stop creating multiple versions of a BusinessObjects report because of flexible date issues
  • 10 Great Business Objects Professionals: Recognition for some of the most prominent BO folks out there who have probably helped you directly or indirectly.

Let me know what you think. Add a comment if you have a topic request or you have something to say about these proposed topics.

Good Night,

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3 thoughts on “My Topic Brainstorm

  1. Hi Julian,
    Great work on the site, I’m sure it’ll become very useful and already has been in the form of the SP4 scheduling bug tip!
    One resource that would be extremely useful is a definitive guide to CUID management, the effects of copying, renaming and deleting universes and the like (which I assume you’re alluding to in the report and universe binding section).
    This is something that seems to be catching a lot of folks out, ourselves included and any practical info/advice would be much appreciated.
    Looking forward to seeing this and other topics.

  2. Wow Andy!

    Thanks for the feedback and details. Yes, this is exactly what I was hoping to capture. I hope I find the time soon to get down my own little wisdom on the topic soon, because I know I would love to have known what I now know back about 6 months ago.

    BO really doesn’t reveal the secrets of CUID management, so I will try to do what I can to share what I have learned about it VERY soon.


  3. The report I am working on has three levels of drilling in it, parent level, child level and grand child level, for that I need the results as follows

    1) At Parent Level Drilling 1, it shows columns A B C
    2) At Child Level Drilling 2, it is supposed to add another column shows results as columns A B C D
    3) At Grand Child Level Drilling 3, it should come back to the same position and it shouldn’t show the column and the results should be A B C

    Note: can’t apply the drilling filters because the drill has to be applicable

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