Hello!?!? It’s Called BO XI 3, not XI Release 3!

It is time to flog myself openly here. Not only to seek forgiveness, repentance, and even pity; but to avoid having to update every single mistaken reference made to Business Objects XI 3!

Once and for all “Release 3” or “R3” Never Was and Never Has Been

OK, maybe some BO folks referred to Business Objects Version 12.X as “Release 3” in the early days, but is seems a memo went out internally and externally, and apparently over my head that said the whole “Release” nomenclature was being dropped. Honestly, it was a bit derogatory and made the SW sound more “beta” than SAP-BO certainly desired. So now with the word “release” out of the picture, we are to understand that XI 3 (also called Version 12 under the covers, confusing huh?) is a whole new complete and solid full version. Given all of the hype that BO employees put on it some of us would expect XI 3 to fall just short of bringing about world peace.

Anyway, there it is. Let’s all just call it Business Objects XIR3, oops, I mean XI 3 (or even XI 3.X if you like to type and speak more).

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5 thoughts on “Hello!?!? It’s Called BO XI 3, not XI Release 3!

  1. As an interesting related note, I asked a SAP-BO consultant we have working with us why it was still BO XI when they moved to Version 12. Shouldn’t it be BO XII, asks this former Classics student? Well, probably. Except that apparently some of the salesmen have been marketing the XI as standing for Xtreme Intelligence! Seriously. In some circles, we are now using BusinessObjects Xtreme Intelligence 3.

    And, it would seem that they couldn’t come up with a clever use for another I in their acronym. Like, I don’t know, Interactive.

  2. Excellent point Marshall! I guess I got so caught up in the “release” part of the name that I missed the obvious arrested development of the “XI” nomenclature. Funny. “XI” means so much yo me now. 🙂

  3. Hi, first time poster here 🙂

    I have been administering Business Objects for our company since version 4 back in 1999/2000. I must admit that when “XI” was announced my first thought was the number “eleven”. My second thought was “my God, that’s quite a leap in releases!), but then I realised BO had acquired Crystal and had merged their product toolsets accordingly.

    Having said that I do think “Xtreme Intelligence” is a bloody awful term to describe a product! I just use “XI” as it trips off the tongue while at the same time sounding sufficiently “techie” enough to show people you know what you’re doing.

    As for the “release” bit. Am glad they’re getting rid of that. Sounds more like a glorified Service Pack (which in one respect it probably is)

    Thanks – and keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Julian,

    I recently discovered this website and it’s really wonderful. Nice informative topics relevant to SAP BO products. I would love to see an article on Profiles & Publications on BOT.

    FYI all,

    XI in BOE XI stands for “Xtreme Insight” and not “Xtreme Intelligence” 🙂

    S N

  5. The use of XI is actually a blending of Crystal Reports(then Seagate Software) and B.O. Crystal 11 aka XI and changing of B.O. from 5/6.X to all become XI(Extreme Intelligence).

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