BOT Was Down: Our Apologies, But It’s Your Fault!

I just wanted to apologize for the downtime our site experienced in the last 24 hours. I’m not sure how long it lasted, but I hope it was only for a few hours. You should know that the downtime was all your fault. Yes, the site exceeded its allocated bandwidth from the web hosting service, meaning more visitors used this site this month than any other month before now.

This is actually a good thing and a sign that BOT is growing. Also it was a sign that we needed to subscribe to a higher bandwidth service, which we willingly did. Now let’s see if we can exceed this new level! Thank you for helping us reach this new, somewhat unconventional milestone.

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3 thoughts on “BOT Was Down: Our Apologies, But It’s Your Fault!

  1. I’ve thought about it, but the income brought in from BOT doesn’t yet justify it. The plan upgrade that I just did should give us plenty of room to grow now. BTW, I checked out your site and found some interesting articles. Thanks.

  2. Important Note: This does not explicitly deny anhtying. This sets everything to not specified. In my installation, I did in fact create a CAL that explicitly denied every single right. I did this because we use a recycle bin group where we drop our disabled users while we determine whether or not they should actually be deleted. In R2, I discovered that I would frequently end up with users in the recycle bin who had been re-enabled, but not re-assigned. However, because the recycle bin was just No Access, it wasn’t actually restricting anhtying. Now, the user has to be both enabled and removed from the recycle bin before they can do anhtying.As another note, the principal will only continue to show up in the list of principals if you are explicitly breaking inheritance with this change. If you give a group rights to a folder, then later go back and remove all rights, that group will simply disappear from the list of principals.

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