Some of us began blogging about Business Objects in 2005. The original intent was to share knowledge with others in a more effective manner than that with which we originally obtained that knowledge. Lack of feedback, personal challenges, and a bunch of other obstacles kept us from giving back to the Business Objects global community beyond that short-lived effort. In the late summer of 2008, our primary contributor, Julian, learned a little about web site building and promotion and he decided to revive his sharing of BO knowledge.


The global Business Objects user community is already well-served by at least 3 or 4 BO forums, and at least one of them is truly outstanding! In fact, the help we received over the years from BOB inspired us to give back. However, instead of competing with BOB, we seek to compliment. To fill the gaps by providing regularly published tips, tricks, tutorials, guides, and blog discussions all on the topic of everything Business Objects. Topics are generally selected by the authors based on knowledge and perceived value to the community. Guides are meticulously written to fill larger gaps and hopefully provide a means of supporting website administration. We also hope to learn from our audience from their comments left on the site and their emails.


Julian Romeo is our main contributor for now and the web master as well. He has been wrestling and occasionally gracefully waltzing with BusinessObjects since 2003. He is a senior member at BOB and considered a Business Objects authority at his current Fortune 100 employer. BusinessObjectsTips.com is a “late-night job” for Julian, but one that he still manages to enjoy when he isn’t working his day job, sleeping, or spending quality time with his family.


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This web site, BusinessObjectsTips.com is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Business Objects, an SAP Company. The tips, guides, and opinions provided here are the original and exclusive property of BusinessObjectsTips.com.
Tips, advice, recommendations, suggestions, and comments found on the BusinessObjectsTips.com web site or in the guides are intended to provide visitors and readers with ideas that they will test out in a controlled, risk-free sandbox or development environment. BusinessObjectsTips.com is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to any environment (server hardware, software, database, etc.) as a direct or indirect result of our tips, advice, recommendations, suggestions, and comments (or those offered by our helpful visitors). Please test everything first in a risk-free environment, because ultimately the responsibility for making any changes to your environments rests with you. Sorry, we had to say this.


We are using the marvelous WordPress as a web content management system for BusinessObjectsTips.com. The overall look and feel must be credited to Vladimir Prelovac’s wonderful Amazing Grace theme. Numerous invaluable plug-ins have helped make the site more usable as well. Finally, huge thanks to Adam White, our guide and mentor, whose inspiration and web consultation are directly responsible for bringing this web site to life. Our sincere appreciation go out to the creators and innovators of these wonderful web products without which BusinessObjectsTips.com could never be!

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