A Favorite from Query Builder – Active User List

Sometimes you can’t get Business Objects’ Central Management Console (CMC) to return the “Metrics” page and you need to know how many users are logged in to the system. Other times the CMC “Metrics” page works, but in the case of system administration, you may want to know who is logged in to your Business Objects XI CMS InfoStore. In either case, your best bet is to turn to BO Query Builder for the information you need.

In an effort to avoid artificial suspense building let me give you the query first and then tell you a little about it if you still have the time to read further:

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si_kind = 'Connection' AND
si_parent_folder = 41 AND
si_authen_method != 'server-token'

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About the Query

This query returns all of the information available in the CMS InfoStore for all users that are currently logged in. The results are presented alphabetically by user name. IMPORTANT NOTE: the results will not be filtered by distinct user; therefore if a user account is used by multiple people or multiple applications are used you can expect to see multiple logins. The field si_lastlogontime might be useful in making sense of multiple entries.

At the moment I am writing this I started to wonder if scheduled jobs created by a user result in a login returned by this query. I will look in to this and follow-up if someone doesn’t already test this out and leave a comment.

I invite you to play with this query and try to figure out what is so magical about “si_parent_folder = 41“. Please share your thoughts and discoveries by leaving a comment here. I also recommend that you take a look at our newly published “Business Objects Query Builder Guide“, it is most likely “The Most Complete Business Objects XI Query Builder Guide Ever Written” and it will help you to discover and master the secrets of Business Object’s Query Builder, such as the one discussed in this article.